No ‘ Should’ Flow

‘Should’; ‘ought to’, ‘have to’, are mostly used in autopilot mode. We used them out of habits. Sometimes, their use is appropriate, but most of the time, it is not. The key here is: awareness, so that we can catch ourselves in the action and use compassion, acceptance and kindness in the heart of our communication. It is not easy to do, but I believe it is worth the effort. The goal, of course, is not to be perfect and do it in all our conversations, but to try, and be mindful of these habits to grow and improve. It is life changing. 

This 10-minutes flow removes the ‘should’. I am not talking, and I am just experiencing the real time practice. How do I find my flow, what is my process. A lot of non-yoga movements, some clapping, fallings, inversions and exploring too for you to get inspired.  Step on your mat and create your own ‘No Should Flow’. Enjoy!