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I share my teaching to guide you, to inspire you and to empower you
to find your flow on the mat and bring it off the mat as a mindset for life.

Power Flow

Inner Power

Strengthening the Mind

Finding our inner power means to let go of our resistance, our judgment and let the flow happens. This is when our poses become an expression of ourselves, rather than just a prediction of what others have taught us. Flow releases and inspires us to create something unique to us in the pose, and in transition between the phase. Be a YES for yourself and find your inner power!

Flexibility Flow

Yin & Yang

Opening the Heart

Bring fluidity and flexibility to our hips and spine. This class is designed to address key areas where we are often stuck in both physical and emotional terms. Working on opening our hips, our chest and our upper back will help us declutter our mind and process our emotions.  Our body will move with ease and freedom. 

Mandala Flow

360 Degrees

Playing with Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Flow into a vinyasa flow style that will bring you to a 360 degrees tour on your mat. We experience the different elements: earth, water, fire and air. We will play with them and discover our body in a very playful and fun adventure on the mat. Depending on the element we experience we might feel grounded, open, energised or grateful. 
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Experience the magic on the mat and bring it beyond

5 months ago, I had the chance to start yoga with Manale. She is a very beautiful person who gives herself without counting. Not only did she know how to put herself at my level to make me progress taking into account my body’s injuries but she also releases such beautiful energy that we come out of the class zen and energized !!! It is amazing! Word of yogi!

Marie Laurence Cohen

Awesome yoga teacher, with incredible positive energy, who adapts and knows how to stimulate everyone's potential!! A great encounter ! Every yoga session with her gives me so much positive energy.

Gaëlle Abraham

Manale is a great teacher that has a rare ability to share her passion in a joyful and inclusive way. Everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. She also extends her teaching to meditation, mindfulness and shares with her students her own learning journey, which make her classes a real moment of sharing and growing together.

Cecile Lepeculier

Manale is endowed with a powerful positive energy that she gives unconditionally. This passion is at the heart of her practice. We experience this magnificent intention in her teaching that brings us an invigorating, energizing, sporty, serene and comforting Yoga practice. Her classes are a real physical and meditative experience, leading us class after class towards a reconciliation of body and mind.

Sonia Jouve

Doing yoga with Manale enables me to do better and better, to be more connected with my mind. She is an advanced yogi and is fully devoted to her yoginis. She guides us along with a deep and structured class. We start it with a mindfulness meditation that enables us to concentrate on both our soul and body, fully connected to each other. And soul and body become one. In that state of mind, we do yoga with a structured routine but always different and very challenging. Manale is always helping us for she is very careful and has great knowledge of the anatomy. She never forgets to encourage us all the time. She is so positive that her joyful energy is contagious. I can tell that after class, I feel so much happier and fit! I learn so much beyond the sun salutations, or pauses such as the crow the lizard or the mermaid or energising flows and all that thanks to Manale's great energy and professionalism! Thank you Manale for offering me such complete classes and sharing with us your experience.

Marie Claire Balog

I have taken yoga classes for several years but I never have enjoyed yoga as much as I have since taking Manale’s classes. The practice combines strength and flexibility, relaxation and fun. Manale knows how to unite our group and adapt to the needs and capacities of each and everyone of us. Her dynamism, her constant good humor and her desire to share her knowledge make her lessons a real moment of pleasure, sharing and surpassing oneself. A real source of benefit for body and mind.

Dominique Leblond

Step on the mat now

From Law Suits to Yoga Pants

I discovered yoga during the time I was building my own consultancy company as a cross-border business consultant. I was a new mum, and I needed something to get me back into shape while at the same time, guide me in my challenging new adventure. Yoga helped, and I gently and unconditionally felt in love with it. It naturally became an integral part of me, and my family. Hence, I left my consultancy business and my lawyer suits to become a full time yoga teacher and dedicate myself to lead people to become their perfectly imperfect self on the mat and beyond. My core values are growth, integrity and leadership. I believe that life is not always about success and victories. It is about acknowledging our vulnerability, being ready to fall and fail, and to always grow.

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Yoga enhances your Life

Yoga has tremendously enhanced my life. It’s pretty likely that everyone who practices yoga has been touched in some way by its transformative power. It might only be that you feel better in your body. Perhaps you’ve experienced more profound changes in your life, relationships, and worldview. But because these changes often take place over time, as part of a subtle and organic process, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that helps you to live a better life. This might give you an idea.

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